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Silver Predict - set of logo signs, leaflet and Web Site

Silver Predict - set of logo signs, leaflet and Web Site

Silver Predict - set of logo signs, leaflet and Web Site
Silver Predict is a company focused on mobile and flash applications, interactive content, QR codes, expert's systems, internet marketing strategies as well as medical information and tourism.

The starting point for the logo were initials of the companies' name. Letters "S" and "P" were drawn as a symbol of speech balloon, symbolizing the idea. World "Idea" became the keyword in companies' claim ("Come to us with your idea and we would change it into success of your company").

Another way of interpreting this symbol is paper clip. One of the main strengths of the company is the ability to acquire and combine professionals from many industries in order to create a unique and fully professional products.

In addition, the graphic symbol is drawn in a solid line, which indicates the consistency of companies' solutions and continuity of work from the the idea through to it's full implementation.
Used bright green colour symbolizes that company follows the latest trends and also freshness of ideas proposed by Silver Predict. In turn, the purple colour inspires confidence, symbolizes the experience and stability of solutions.

Signs of companies related to the company Silver Predict and its products were built on an identical manner as the primary character.

Silver Team is a company dealing with new technologies and the IT industry. It's symbol derived from the combination of the letters "S" and "T" and symbolized the number pi, which may be a reference to science industry.

Vision Air is one of the products of Silver Predict company. It involves drones potential(mechanisms taking photos from the air) for individual needs. The form of letters "V" and "A" are symbol of figure of a bird.

Client: Silver Predict

Designer: Aleksandra Oleksy

Date: February 2014

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