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Alchemy of Flavours – logo, corporate identity elements

Alchemy of Flavours – logo, corporate identity elements

Alchemy of Flavours - logo, corporate identity elements

Brand Alchemy of Flavours is focused on the sale of teas, coffees, herbs and their blends, dried fruit and nuts, but also accessories to brew tea/coffee.

Brand name consists of two words "alchemy " and "flavours" that is why logo design was based on the semantic meaning of those two words.

In the beginning the shape of a circle was defined. It's psychologically connotation refers to perfection, uniqueness, it is also a substitute for something unattainable (like the philosopher's stone in alchemy). It is associated as a perfect figure. But at the same time circle is simple in construction which allows to divide it into smaller parts which are not equivalent. Logo shows the wheel which is formed from pieces in various proportions as for example in mixing components in the blends of tea. The person who creates them, like an alchemist, must have a "secret" knowledge in what proportions mix the ingredients to get the only and unique flavour.

The wheel consists of four parts, each in a different colour which is a reflection of the four basic tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, sour) and the fact that they are selected, combined in appropriate proportions to finally give a unique flavour. Visually they create the figure of the circle. In addition, the colours used in the sign correspond to the departments of Alchemy of Flavours: tea, coffee, spices, nuts and dried fruit and accessories.

The four elements which formed a circle are giving shape the letter " A", which is the first letter of the brand name.

CLIENT: Alchemy of Flavours

DESIGNER: Aleksandra Oleksy

DATE: May 2014

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