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Mrufru – logo & tag

Mrufru – logo & tag

Mrufru – logo & tag design

Mrufru is a handicraft workshop, specializing in works made from salt mass, porcelain mass  and fimo. The brand name comes from the words "purr" ("mruczeć" in polish) and to "fly" ("fruwać" in polish) that were inspired by the most commonly motives in workshop works - winged cats and angels. The idea for the logo was a combination of the two words in one simple graphic sign, possible to reproduce later in many media. The leitmotiv become the wings which symbolize both the flying itself but also freedom or independence. What is more the main attribute of cats' pride are mustache which also are arranged in the shape of wings. Setting the wings' sign at an angle suggests flight and gives dynamics to the character.

The font which was used in project emphasize handmade character of Mrufru's works.

Client: Mrufru
Designer: Aleksandra Oleksy
Date: July 2014

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